Everything You Need to Know About Mr. Joe Delfgauw

You’re going to have to know about my entire history if I’m going to clue you in on the secrets of social media marketing and online income streams, wouldn’t you think? After all — I have to know what I’m talking about for you to trust the information, but first…. Here’s a bit of a shocker for you:

I Wasn’t Always an Affiliate or Online Marketer

Quite the contrary…. I started at the Ford Motor Company after studying at Wayne State University, a true entrepreneur fresh out of Redford High School over in Detroit. I caught the bug for something bigger, though, but even then I didn’t tackle anything even remotely associated with affiliate marketing and social media until way later.

Instead, I started my own business back in 1996 and launched my own real estate company, Strategic Home Loans, in 2000, and expanded astronomically throughout the following years, generating well over $30MM in sales and revenue. I became so successful that within multiple locations throughout Keller Williams, I encompassed a rainmaker team designed to maximize success within the industry, but even then…. I wanted something more.

That’s When I Approached Online Marketing 100%

While still dabbling in the real estate market, in 2009 I targeted the online industry so tenaciously, winning the Internet Marketer award brought on by Max Bounty for three straight years back in 2012. I excelled tremendously given the fact that I had studied the trends, the best practices and the medium itself to become an expert in social media, search engine, email, autoresponder and pay-per-view marketing as well as display advertising.Joe's Headshot

Given the knowledge I’ve accumulated and the application, I’ve had the pleasure of speaking in front of thousands from Hawaii to New Orleans to Las Vegas, and the proof of success is in the numbers: I’m one of 91 professionals in the world possessing a direct contact to Facebook’s marketing division along with a $500K credit line to advance my advertising objectives. My five call centers I currently manage all by themselves generate six figures each week. I own over 300 websites at the moment as well as 13 verticals. I even support my own affiliate network, Cloud Based Campaigns, as the platform for other companies and entrepreneurs to access revenues while bolstering outstanding lead generation and profit for all of my products and services. I’ve also launched my own dialer system and text messaging platform, further proving that there may be no limits to what I can do with the power of social media and affiliate online marketing.

Just How Successful Am I?

For starters, I currently manage over 150 employees in multiple states. Revenue projections for this year alone will reach a peak of $10MM throughout my entire company. By the end of next year, that project should actually be closer to $25MM. There’s no telling what else I can achieve given the scope available in affiliate marketing, the Internet and social media targeting any possible service or product you can possibly think of.

To make it short…. I’ve been very successful. Even better? I amassed this much from literally nothing. I can vouch for these techniques, proven techniques within the power of social media revenue generation. They work. And you’ll find out how you can use them in my seminars. Sign up for your spot, and I’ll see you very soon!

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